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How to Care for your Energy Body


OK - hands up all those who haven't taken seriously the idea that we are spirit, temporarily using a physical body to experience this physical world?

Well you are most definitely not alone in this - there is a general misunderstanding in our society that we ARE our physical body and that's it!


Gradually in the past (and much more quickly now) it is becoming accepted (as more and more people open themselves up to - and therefor have- spiritual experiences, that we are really beings of light. 

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We are made up, in fact from not just one, but many bodies of light, one within another - a bit like the way Russian Dolls fit one within the next, except each bigger body is not just a "shell" fitting outside the next, smaller body, but its energy fills the entire space.


This means that the smallest body (our physical body) has within it ALL the other lighter bodies as they extend outwards).

The "Aura" is our name for the Light Body that we are

  • Each "body" vibrates at a different frequency. The denser energies (the lower vibrating energies) are only found within and close to the physical body. The faster vibrating energies are within and around the physical body but also extend much further outwards

  • These different “bodies” of energy are interconnected through the chakra system. It's easy to find out more about these on the internet. Here's just one link: 7-chakras

  • Barbara Ann Brennan was a highly gifted energy healer who discovered a way to teach anyone to perceive and work with the energy field (aura). She has a science background and comfortably combines the two. More information on Barbara here.


Every part of our entire physical and energetic bodies (aura) are vibrating, all the time


Did you know?

  • Our vibration changes depending on our focus, but will tend to fluctuate around our own, personal “average”

  • If we can get our "average" vibration to rise, we will experience more times when we feel really good than we did before

  • When our vibration lifts to the point where it resonates with the Universal Energy Field (a powerful "life force" surrounding and available for us all) we experience perfect health, well-being and a conscious connection with All That Is (we remember that we are One)

Caring for your auric field

Becoming aware of our bodies of light is wonderful for many reasons.


One immediate benefit is that, just as you wash your physical body to keep it clean and feeling fresh, you can now care for your energy bodies.


Caring for your energy bodies at least once every day helps you:


  • To feel better inside - your mood FEELS cleaner and fresher

  • You are more energised  

  • You release feelings that have dragged you down so they don't affect you as much

  • You start to feel the beautiful, radiant being that you actually are.



There are loads of quick and easy ways to do this, and once you find one or 2 ways that suit you, go for it! ​


Your body of Light is around and inter-penetrates your physical body in all directions and changes all the time. The best way for you to work with your body of light is to imagine your physical body completely surrounded on all sides by an egg of light as big or as small as feels good for you. It will change constantly. As long as it is bigger than your physical body at all times (it’s not possible for it to be smaller) there is no right or wrong.

How to energise your aura whenever you want to

(eg. when waiting in line or on the loo)


See or imagine -


  • A ball of light (whatever colour you like) in the centre of your chest

  • It getting brighter each time you breathe in

  • It expands to fill your chest more and may even reach to your shoulders as you breathe out

  • It gets larger and brighter with each breath cycle until you know it is the best it can be today

  • Smile and enjoy this feeling as you breathe in this way for as long as you want to.

How to become more grounded and energized


 I do this first every morning, though it’s also a good, quick trick to revitalise our energy during the day as well. This technique can’t be done too often:


  • Stand very still and close your eyes.

  • Say aloud (preferably) or if not then with your thoughts, “I ground myself into the heart of Mother Earth.”

  • Watch (or imagine) strong cords spread from the souls of your feet like a lightning strike down into the earth. See (or imagine) them rapidly reaching the very centre of the planet where there is a gigantic crystal and see the roots wrapping themselves around the crystal firmly.



  • Become aware of your breathing.

  • Make each breath out slightly longer than the inbreath.

  • Now make every breath a little longer than the previous one until your breathing becomes as slow and relaxed as you can manage comfortably.

  • Say out loud (preferably) or if not then in your thoughts, “I call light to myself now.”

  • Watch (or imagine) as a column or waterfall of bright white light floods down over your head and over your body and then away into the floor/ground.

  • After a while, see the width of the column of light expand outwards and see/imagine or simply “know” that it is washing through your entire auric field, which includes “inside” your body as well.

  • Allow as much light as you would like, as bright as you would like, for as long as you like before you choose to see it stop.


Smile and feel really good and refreshed.


By the way- this same exercise can be done easily while in the shower. Pretend the water is white light and imagine the light as it disappears down the drain darker in colour because it has cleansed the darker (heavier, depressive) energies from your energy system (aura).

How to do a quick spruce-up of the aura at the start of every day

Simple ways to do this: every morning-

  • Let the corners of your eyes and lips turn up slightly in a smile

  • Say out loud: “Let my entire being be flooded with Solar Light NOW”. Watch (or imagine or feel it if you can’t see it - which most of us can’t) washing over all of you from above and your egg-shape getting brighter and brighter and your energy levels rising.

  • Feel excited about having more energy for your day

  • Smile and say “Thank you”



How to take a multi-purpose shower


Whenever you take a shower-

  • Let the corners of your eyes and lips turn up slightly in a smile

  • “See” the water as white, silver or golden light flowing all over you (your egg-shaped light body) and your physical body and notice that as the water flows away down the plug-hole it is a darker colour as the darker areas of your body of Light have been washed by the bright light shower.

  • As you step out of the shower SMILE and say “Thank you” and enjoy your cleaner, brighter light body and how good it feels

A stronger way to Ground your light body into Mother Earth   -  (Extremely Important!)


You are in a physical body here on Earth for a reason, so it might be helpful to resist the idea that was the fashion in the 1960’s to try to leave your body (drug induced or otherwise) to have “out of this world” experiences!


We are actually here to bring our “other worldly”, as in - spiritual gifts and wisdom to be expressed in this physical world we are experiencing.


So, to help to bring yourself into a closer and more perfect alignment with your Highest Self:


  • Let the corners of your eyes and lips turn up slightly in a smile

  • Focus on your heart area then take your focus up the centre of your body, out of the top of your head and keep going up and up until you feel you can’t go up any further - this is the perfect place so

  • Stop at the top and smile and think “hello” to this higher aspect of yourself

  • Allow this higher part of you to come with you as you take your focus back down, right through the centre of your physical body and out below your feet

  • Keep going down and down until you feel either you have reached the centre of the earth, OR you can’t go any further - either is perfect.

  • Stop and smile and think “hello” to Mother Earth

  • Head back up again and go up and down 3 times if you can in the same way


How to build the light of your aura and shine your light brighter!


Have you seen those water fountains that are sometimes in lakes, where water shoots up in a jet then spreads out in all directions to form a sheet of water that makes an enclosed egg shape as it falls back down to land in a circle back in the lake?


Let the corners of your eyes and lips turn up slightly in a smile


Then, see or imagine:


  • The ball of light in the centre of your chest and imagine it rising up through the centre of your body, out through the top of your head, and continuing up until it reaches the top of the egg of light around you that is your aura. Or, quite simply, you feel it has gone up enough and is ready to come back down.

  • Watch the light spread outwards in all directions and come down all around you so that its light  brightens the egg-shaped boundary of your auric field 

  • See it curve under your feet to come back together as a ball of light and start moving back up through the centre line within your body to complete the circuit in your chest area

  • Let this cycle repeat 3 times, or as many times as feels good for you

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