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Personal Growth road map...

Personal development, spiritual growth, self-care, lifting our vibration - these, really are all really different ways to describe the same thing and the benefit for us shows up in our lives in similar ways:

  • We are less anxious and more relaxed

  • Our thoughts are less intrusive - we are excited to discover we can choose our thoughts rather than having them in control of our mind (or maybe we have come to develop complete control over them and we choose inner quiet rather than thought most of the time)

  • We start to feel more peaceful inside

  • We no longer wish to have good luck, instead we relax, knowing that we are in control of our life and that we know how to choose to create the type of day and interactions we want to have


Image courtesy of Muhammad Daudy

What would you like to improve about yourself or your life?

When we change ourself, our life automatically changes! It is always so, with no exceptions.


This means that changing yourself is the place to start.

So I am talking here about your "inner qualities" rather than waving a magic wand. When I ask what you would like to improve about your life, let's be quite clear here, I'm not talking about "making my partner enjoy the same hobbies as me", for example. You know we can't change other people, right? What we can do, however, is release (for example) a resentment we might be holding onto that is triggering feelings of rejection when our partner won't go abseiling with us. This allows us to accept that our partner does not enjoy abseiling and allows us to feel ok about them not joining us on abseiling trips without letting it damage our relationship.

Explore and decide what this is:

To give you a few ideas, examples of the sort of changes many people (including myself) have made that have resulted in enormous benefits rippling through every moment and part of life include, but are not limited to:

  • Taking personal control of life

  • Reducing stress and anxiety

  • Developing more control over our emotions

  • Becoming more empowered 

  • Becoming happier

  • Developing more patience

  • learning and practicing forgiveness of self and others

Which one, or ones, stood out for you and you just knew they were for you? Did one stand out as an obvious priority?

If you're still not sure, is there someone who knows you quite well that you would feel ok asking what they think? Sometimes, those closest to us can help us with this. (Only if you are CONFIDENT they would sincerely try to help you and be supportive rather than see the question as an opportunity to launch into a barrage of criticism!)

If you want me to help you with this, book a connection call with me and mention at the start that you want help with this and we can go through it together.

Find a way that suits you to make it happen and the support you need to see it through

This is so individual and depends on:

  • The demands on your time -

    • are there already not enough hours in your day? If this sounds like you, then perhaps (seriously), you would benefit from a review of your commitments, learning to value yourself and practice self-care, or improve your organisational and time-management skills?

    • do you have spare time? Perhaps you would like to commit to a longer program to make a lot of headway faster?

  • The way you tick - 

    • do you like highly structured ways of learning? If so, perhaps a program would suit you best.​

    • do you prefer to be less structured and more free about life? If this sounds familiar, it may help you to browse the social media platforms and focus on whatever catches your eye that day. There is a lot of help freely available this way and it can work perfectly for some people

  • How motivated are you?

    • I don't think it's helpful to push yourself into trying to change if it doesn't "float your boat" at the time. With the best of intention, trying to make a change to please someone else rarely works. If you feel pressured to work on yourself to make someone else happy, then I would suggest any work you might do be focused on developing the self-confidence and assertiveness to create and maintain a fulfilling relationship based on personal responsibility.

    • Are you "super-motivated" Great - you can grow heaps! Research and find a person, program or self-help group that feels right for you. Follow your heart and intuition when you choose.

    • Obviously I would like to help you. I am a firm believer that we are drawn towards whoever or whatever is ideal for us and I hope I can be a part of your journey, however, no one person is likely to be the ideal teacher for any of us for a prolonged period of time. I have had different teachers and healers at different stages of my own growth and I think that's probably how it needs to be for most of us. Follow your heart!

  • How much support do you have around you? How much are you likely to need, do you think?

    • if there are people in your life who can and will support you with compassion and encouragement then you may do well with a course or program that is accessed from recordings and does not offer personal interaction with a suitable support as part of the program. This type of program costs a lot less money-wise, and can work very well for those who would not need experienced support and can work independently, however, deep work does expose our vulnerabilities and I am aware of some programs "out there" that encourage participants to "crack the eggs" without any safeguards that once the eggs have been cracked, the person is capable of "making the omelette" on their own! This is not a good place to be, so take care if this is the way you want to go.​

    • if you are serious about delving deep to make lasting change I would encourage you to make certain good support is readily available for you

    • if you want to achieve a lot but know you make best progress with someone to encourage you and keep you accountable, then, once again, a program or course of mentoring sessions with on-going qualified support would probably suit you best.


Good for you!

You've done a bit of self-reflection and have a better idea of why and how you might take your inner growth further.

There's no denying there's a lot of wisdom in those oft-quoted words courtesy of Einstein:

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results" 

To improve our life and the way we feel, we need to make a change!

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