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About Akashi
Image by Dibakar Roy

Born an empath with heightened intuition, (experienced mainly through the gifts of clairaudience and claircognizance), my early life was somewhat bewildering and overwhelming. Never dull, I have experienced events throughout my life along the entire spectrum of experience (some extremely traumatic) and these, I see in retrospect, helped  me to mature spiritually, mentally and emotionally and gave me the perspective I need to enable me to relate more easily to the struggle and setbacks we all face in life.

Initially from Northern England, I qualified as a dentist in London and emigrated to Australia to work in rural NSW.

For several years I volunteered as a telephone counsellor for Lifeline (a crisis support hotline) and was then employed part-time by them to help teach, support and mentor other volunteers.


After a huge personal crisis, I left dentistry and moved further in this new direction as a counsellor and teacher.


I also worked within the Dept of Juvenile Justice, mediating​ between offenders and their victims to help each to achieve greater understanding for the other's perspective and agreement on an appropriate recompense for the victim.

As member of the Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors at that time, I also offered face-to-face counselling  in the community.

About Akashi

In 2007 I chose at the soul level to embark on what felt at the time like I imagine a "spiritual boot camp" might be like! During this 18 month period of greatly accelerated spiritual growth, my guides supported me as I focused on a different past life on each occasion (3 or 4 times a week for most weeks during this period) and, for anywhere between a few minutes and an hour or two, I travelled in my consciousness and became the person I had been in that lifetime and situation.


These "inner" journeys are quite like being asleep and dreaming, except I know that I am awake and as events unfold I experience the emotions and "know" why people are behaving as they are. Also, most importantly, I can and do interact and "change" what I see by using my intention to make different choices from those I had made previously. Most of these journeys presented the opportunity to revisit an unresolved event - usually a traumatic incident, and often extremely challenging emotionally. For example, I am now aware of many lifetimes where I was subjected to extreme abuse and violence of all sorts and the person I am in this lifetime was grateful for the opportunity to bring about resolution - almost always through FORGIVENESS.

Gifts & experience

With the higher perspective I have now, I was able to experience the level of understanding and emotions of the person I was as I suffered at that time, and forgive those who I had blamed for my pain back then.


The greatest challenge I faced involved instances where IT WAS ME intentionally hurting someone else. To be able to forgive myself, I needed to feel the extreme fear and ignorance (the fear and lack of awareness of True Self) which I had at that time, which (it seems to me), lies behind all acts of cruelty and violence. Feeling this generated great compassion within me, making forgiveness completely natural.


In this way I have experienced feeling myself as both a victim and a perpetrator many times and thanks to these experiences I have come to understand the roles we unwittingly play as members of the human race.


This personal awareness, from direct experience of myself on both "sides of the coin", as it were, in addition to my psychic gifts, means I have the wider perspective needed to accept all people and their choices and situations (whatever they might be) and provide guidance (with the help of your spirit guides as well as my own) and healing.

Image by Migle Siauciulyte

It was during this time that  spirit made it very clear to me that my name is Akashi. At the time I struggled to accept the feeling this name generated for me (a much higher frequency of vibration) and so I put it aside. I needed another 14 years of life and growth before I felt quite sure and comfortable that I am Akashi. I formally changed my name in 2021.

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Not long after this, I received a healing from Solara An-Ra  during which I was taken back to a lifetime when I was a healer by the name of A- Ka-Shi in the North Americas roughly 2,000 years ago. A-Ka-Shi is one of my Higher Self aspects and I was offered the opportunity to embody this healer part of my true self again, which I did. The integration of this healing and full embodiment of this Higher Self aspect is an ongoing process.

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