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We live on a planet of free will!


  • We are free to make choices throughout every moment of our lives and the choices we make determine the life we experience

  • This means that if we want our life to be different, then we have the power within us to change it

  • For many of us, the choice we make most often is “not to choose”

How to manifest the Life you Choose

I experienced many years of anxiety, stress and generalised unhappiness, feeling I was a victim of circumstance and the people and happenings around me before I realised I was actually responsible for it all!


This was TOTALLY LIBERATING because now I could make a change, if I wanted - which I did.

Manifestation is a bit of a buzz word at the moment. I prefer the word creation. It seems that almost everywhere nowadays there are books and courses on how to manifest. Yet we are all experts at  creation (manifestation) already! What we need to realise is how we are doing it so that instead of creating things in our life that we don't like, we intentionally create the life we want.

There are three important aspects to this.


First - the more connected we are with those higher aspects of our true self (our Higher Self) the more powerful our manifestation process becomes. This is because we are more aligned with our soul's purpose for this lifetime and our choices to manifest reflect our soul's desire to learn and to grow. For example, when we desire to manifest a lottery win, a newer, flashier car or an unnecessarily massive house, this is unlikely to be part of our soul's desired experience and so will be harder (though not impossible) to create. (It may actually be part of our plan to manifest financial wealth if our life's learning involves this experience, such as developing generosity). As our vibration lifts, if we desire to manifest more love in our life or more opportunities to help others, for example, these desires are likely to be congruent with our soul's desire and so there will be significant assistance with such manifestations and they will happen easier and more quickly. In a similar vein, any desired manifestation that would benefit all concerned would manifest far more easily and readily than ones that may harm others. 

Second, once we understand how we create our experiences we are then empowered to manifest our desired changes however....

Third, we need to accept personal responsibility for what we have and are creating. This means no more blaming others and taking the role of a victim! Very hard to do at first. This is one of the ways I provide support for those choosing to work with me to improve their experience of their life.

Here's a quick lowdown on how we create our own experiences:

How we Create


  • What we focus on- what we dwell on, has the biggest effect upon our vibration and the energies and experiences we attract to ourselves

  • Wherever we direct our energy, we get more of the same. 

  • What we focus our attention on determines the life we create for ourselves- our focus determines our life experience


Creating through what we think, believe and say


What we think and say to ourselves in our minds (self-talk) and what we say aloud- to others or to ourselves affects the vibration of our inner world and creates our inner life experience, which is then manifested as our outer life




  • When we have a thought, it becomes a field of energy that actually exists- it has been created. 

  • We each create our own thoughts, and when we do, they exist as a parcel of energy that didn’t exist before

  • Every thoughts has its own vibration

  • When we think, we are creating with our thoughts and the vibration of what we create with our thoughts is determined by the vibration of the thought

  • If we think happy and loving thoughts - these thoughts have a "high vibration" - then these thoughts attract towards us (create) experiences of that same high vibration. We experience this a happiness and love. Our thoughts are creating our experiences




  • Frequently a person can have habitual thoughts- the same thoughts or theme going around and around and these thoughts are actually imagining possible future scenarios that the person DOES NOT want to happen.

  • This is a situation where a person is sending out energy through their focus - and it still creates, just the same - only this same process is working against the person because they either don';t realise what they are doing, or they do know but can't stop themself from worrying

  • It is as though the thoughts are in control and the person is a victim of their thoughts

  • The person is actually, with their worrying, contributing energy towards creating whatever it is that they are worrying about, making it more likely to happen!

The energy of what we pay attention to, think and talk about within our energy field actually creates more of the same, to form and then become our future


  • If we are in a “complaining energy” (eg. feeling irritated, thinking thoughts of dissatisfaction or complaining aloud) we attract more of the same into our life, that is, more things to complain about!

  • If we feel appreciation for all around us and think and speak words of love, we are surrounded by the energy of love and will attract to us more of the same- experiences of love

  • The ideal is to learn how to control (and limit) our thoughts

  • This is how we can create the life we want- by thinking (and talking) about what we do want, rather than what we don’t

  • To control our own life we need to learn how to control our thoughts, instead of allowing them to control us


Positive Re-programming


  • The first step is to notice what we think and say

  • Recurrent themes probably reflect beliefs we hold

  • If our thoughts are not supportive of us, then we can replace these thoughts with ones that are supportive instead

  • An excellent way to start this process is through becoming very aware of what we think and say


We say what we are thinking!


  • If our thoughts about ourselves are negative then we tend to speak about ourselves in a negative way (both aloud and silently in our heads- this is called self-talk)

  • OR- if we talk about ourselves in a negative way (either aloud or with self-talk), we start to take on and believe that whatever we are hearing about ourselves, spoken out loud or in our thoughts, is true.

  • This can be a downward spiral :(


We also think what we are saying


  • This direct link between what we think and what we say is the solution

  • Controlling thoughts can be difficult to do at first, however…

  • It is far easier to control what we say- and THIS will change what we are thinking!

  • Start gently and be kind to yourself as you start to reprogram your thoughts

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