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Energy Healing

NOW is a time of great healing for all of us

on ALL levels of our being.

If you wish to connect with me and/or enquire about a healing session, send an email request to make it happen.


I offer 30 minute online healing sessions wherever you are in the world - we simply need to check out where our time zones overlap and go from there :)

E mail:

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Dundee, NSW



Please show your appreciation and express gratitude for the healing by making a donation according to your means. This creates an exchange of energy between us, which is how it works!

Head over to the donation page or use this link

Multi-Dimensional Chakra Healing Testimonials

Wonderful session Akashi amazing ! ✨ Sekhun Ra

Akashi just beamed love... like every cell of her body blossomed with a love fragrance, it seems to me 🙏 AhnyaLi

I had the pleasure of having a multidimensional healing session with Akashi. She touched on many things in her intuitive messages and chakra healing that I felt deeply within, yet had not ever articulated to myself. I found her insight to be invaluable, providing profound healing that also continued for some time after our session. Akashi has a genuine innocent wisdom whose presence created a safe space for me to open and allow myself to receive a well needed healing. I’m grateful for the ongoing benefits of our session. Luna

For Akashi’s healing, I felt super loved and supported through my session. There was an immediate and intense shift for me into more love and openness, my girlfriend immediately noticed without even having the context of the healing. I felt like I was riding a high vibrational high for several days afterwards, that same evening I made some really potent and amazing connections at an event. I was really moved by how Akashi speaks - it’s like an ancient storyteller and it gives each moment a senes of potency and importance that I found very activating and easy to drop into. Paul  S

Akashi's healing for me was amazing and spot on. Just before the healing, I was thinking, "I love being in the higher free!" (altered state from the healing given to Akashi) and noting it's not as comfortable for me in the physical plane. So, working on grounding (been told all my life), and connecting more consciously with Father Sun's and Mother Gaia's consciousness/beingness with love and gratitude was/is an accurate shift. It brought back my authentic-childlike self who had that kind of connection with FSun and MGaia. During the healing, I was guided step by step with what was happening and why... almost story-like. With love and gratitude, thank you, Akashi! 🙏🏼💖✨  Sunara 

Right from the start I got a sense of warmth and authenticity from Akashi. We covered a LOT of ground, I shared parts of my journey and Akashi was able to add layers of understanding and insight to my experience. Throughout our time together I felt safe and seen: Dale M​

Messages of gratitude for free material posted in this website and social media postings 

Thank you so much. I've been going through my spiritual awakening at the moment and I've found [you] really helpful: 111angel


I love your spirit and glow. Love your words: Julie Ann

So wise! Thank you: Paula J

You are amazing!!! So wise and grounded: Denise L

You shared the best explanation of a trigger I've ever heard! Thank you SO much for sharing your wisdom with us: Lady

I'm so happy I found you! You are amazing! And that is what I want to surround myself with...Thank you! One H

Thank you. Very helpful: Nia

Really appreciate [your material], thank you! Kala M

Really insightful, thank you for the wisdom :) B.L

This is high level stuff, applied to practical, everyday living. Keep going! I appreciate you: Sunshine 

I am happy to have come across you [your material] and resources. Thank you! Tam

I can't help but to love you. You have such a beautiful soul. J. Fore

Your amazingly calming....thank you xx: Rebecca G

Thank you for inspiring me: WOW. This is everthing. Just found your channel-love you and love your energy! So helpful. Thank you sweet soul: Fae

Thank you! I know though that your wisdom and awareness are what I aspire to: Joan W

Ello mate! You just popped up ... & I now feel touched by an angel. Thank you & many blessings to you: Ruki D

Beautiful sunny smile: Geordie J

Love your videos and your contentment in educating us x. Thank you: Rhiannon

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