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Lift Your VIBE!

What do we mean by “our vibration''?


  • All of creation is energy. We are energy.

  • We are a mass of energy particles vibrating with a life force

  • The slower vibrating parts of our energy make up the physical body we see, feel and touch. This physical part is the part of our energy that allows us to experience this physical world. It is made up of Mother Earth and will be returned to her when the life force exists (we “die”)

  • The faster vibrating parts of our energy are outside the range of perception of our physical eyes (we can’t see it with our body’s eyes) but they are within and around our physical body. This is the “me” that is eternal.

Image by Celeste Mc

Image courtesy of Celeste Mc

Lifting our vibe is a wonderful thing to do!


When we lift our vibration we:


  • Feel happier

  • We are our best self and experience our best life

  • All aspects of our life- physical, mental, emotional and spiritual move towards fulfilling our potential

  • Opportunities open for us that we never thought possible before

  • We thrive

  • Our inner life transforms very much for the better

  • Our outer life falls in line with our inner life and is transformed as well!

The 'prana' energy, Life Force or whatever you prefer to call it - the 'glue' that sticks everything and everyone together, is LOVE. Experiencing love are gratitude as much as possible is the one, sure-fire way to transform yourself and your perception of life, in ways impossible to imagine!

Find one way to feel more love and gratitude HERE

There are many ways we can lift our vibration and taking care of the auric field is also a big one! Find out how HERE


But in a nutshell- do more of what lifts our vibration and less of what pulls it down


AND release energies (beliefs and fears etc.) held in our energy field that have a depressing effect on our vibration




  1. Taking care of the physical body

  2. Increasing the vibration of our Inner world.


Our inner and outer worlds and experiences are extremely closely related. Each one affects the other as everything is interconnected

Feelings and Vibration


If our vibration drops, the opposite happens- everything goes wrong and we are easily annoyed by people. Any aches and pains we have feel far worse. We may feel unhappy, irritable or angry even and we do not feel we like our life at all.


Most of us are somewhere in between these extremes most of the time.

As our vibration gets higher:


  • We experience love, joy and peace in our lives more and more

  • Spiritual teachings  we have heard before only as intellectual concepts start to take on meaning for us

  • We are more likely to have meaningful spiritual experiences

  • If we are ready, we start to remember who we really are and become our Higher Self

Lifting our Vibe


We can lift our baseline vibration through slowly and gently introducing changes in many different areas of our life. Effective, long-lasting change takes time and needs to be done gently according to how we feel about each change. Absolutely everything within and around us has a vibration that influences our overall vibration by helping to lift it, allowing us to feel peaceful or holding us back. 


There is absolutely NO list of “shoulds” and any changes we each decide to make needs to feel good “inside” rather than a big challenge or a burden. There truly is no “right” or “wrong”.


Here is an activity to provide understanding and awareness, so that conscious choices can be made to help you to lift your vibration at your own pace.

Image by Morgan Sessions

Image courtesy of Morgan Sessions

Life Vibration- Action!


Make 2 columns and label them “Lifts my vibration” (feels good and I feel happier) and “Lowers my vibration” (doesn't feel good). Think about a typical week/month for you and your activity/ experiences throughout each day. Each time you come up with a new one, write it down under one of the two columns. (You may have a third one labelled something like “it varies- sometimes it lifts, sometimes it lowers”)


Look at the lists you have made. 


You are now in a position to choose to make big changes in your life! Making changes needs to be done with consideration, so with each decision think about the likely outcome of making the change and be careful to stay within your own personal comfort zone regarding your values and integrity.


First take a look at what’s on your “lowering vibration” list:

  1. Which items on your lowering vibration list can you cut out altogether? Do it!

  2. Which items can you reduce- either do them less frequently or for shorter periods of time, or in a more uplifting way? Make that change!

  3. Which items do you feel you cannot stop or reduce at the moment (such as going to work, grocery shopping etc.)? These take more thought. Is it possible to make an improvement of some sort? If so, then do it! See what you can come up with. Write it all down. Explore ways to help make these activities as uplifting as possible for you.


Looking at the activities that lift your vibration, are there any opportunities to make these work for you even better than they are already? Do it if it feels right for you!


  • Write down the changes you have decided to make in your daily routine/life - make a chart, plan, post-it notes or whatever works for you and put it somewhere you will see/read/notice it frequently. 

  • Put these changes into action and in giving them a try to discover how these changes affect how you feel. 

  • Do some of the changes need tweaking? If so, that’s fine- give them the tweak they need. The important thing here is that you are MAKING CHANGE HAPPEN! 

For example-


perhaps you have become aware that watching the news on the TV tends to leave you feeling anxious, yet you have always watched the news as a family and feel it is important to know what is happening in the world. However, it is helpful for those people wanting to make the choice on what they allow to impact their life, to understand that news programming is focused very much on the extremely low vibrational happenings around the world. Watching the news is usually very distressing for many people, whose vibration is pulled down significantly by the impact the news has on their well-being. Yes, world events need to be acknowledged and may be helped through being broadcast on TV, however, news programs devote almost the entire program to lower vibrational reporting, which is quite disproportionate to what is actually happening out in the world. The definition of “News” is “information about important or interesting recent events”, or another definition is “noteworthy information”. TV news programs are miss-named and should probably be called “Bad News” programs. 


There have been significant strides made in recent years on reducing pollution, re-establishing habitat for plants and animals in danger of extinction, supporting victims of domestic violence (probably the most prevalent form of violence on the planet), breakthroughs in medicine and mental health care to name only a few, yet these news items are not given the prominence in news programs that reflects their prevalence and impact in the world. There is far more “good” happening now in the world than there is “bad”, yet those watching the TV news are led to believe the reverse is the case. So from the point of view of a news program giving accurate  “information about important or interesting recent events”, they are extremely misleading (to put it as nicely as possible!).


I went “cold turkey” on TV news watching. I had known for some time that watching the TV news pulled me down with no good purpose, yet I found it very hard not to watch it. During a particularly cold winter (about 15 years ago now) I temporarily moved my TV into a different room which was warmer, only to discover the aerial socket in that room did not work. I have not had a TV since then. If I was asked to name the one change I have made in the last 20 years that has had the biggest impact on my life and helped me to lift my vibration the most, stopping watching the TV was it, most definitely. For many years after that I used to scroll through the online news page once a day to click on stories I chose to learn more about, and now I don’t do very much of that.  

A wonderful other option is to access the online good news websites. My 3 favourites are:


I now know, with absolute certainty, that I can help the world more through raising my own vibration in the way that works best for me- and that does not include exposing myself too much to the TV “news”. We are all connected- everything is One- as I raise my own vibration I help to lift the vibration of us all. It is the same for each and every one of us :)


Other people have said that cutting out the evening news helped them most as they were able to sleep far more easily. It is also possible to access a weekly “round-up” of the main items from the previous week. All these are steps that some people have found helpful when creating a higher vibrational life. 

To help generate ideas to increase your vibration consider this list:


  1. The home environment- artworks, colours and materials around the home, momentos, state of cleanliness/tidiness

  2. Media- all TV, news, reading material, internet use

  3. Recreation- TV, music, movies, internet, social activities, hobbies

  4. Social- who you choose to share your time with outside your commitments, social activities


Tune in to your “gut instinct” and make a list of anything about your life you would like to change, and how you would like it to become instead. This list is an important step towards creating your new life and making it your reality.

All things have a vibration (a "feel" to them), but an original work of art will have a much greater impact on your vibration than a print or copy. The influence on your vibration (up or down) will depend on how you feel when looking at it or even simply having it in the room. The same goes for the decor, cleanliness and tidiness of your living space and especially the people around you.




All sound is vibration and and different instruments and styles of music- 

  • Affect our energy in quite different ways. If a piece of music really “jars” and you can’t bear to listen to it, then it is likely that its vibration is very different from your own.

  • Stimulate different chakras. 

  • Can provide stimulation and healing to each of the chakras and/or the energy field as a whole. This is covered widely on the internet if you are interested in learning more about music and healing with sound.

Care of the physical body


  • The physical body has a consciousness all of its own!

  • Each system, the organs, tissues, cells and so on each have their own vibration

  • When the body is in ideal, perfect health, it sounds like a beautiful symphony to those able to hear it.

  • Our body’s vibration is very sensitive to what we expose it to. Many drugs  will adversely affect our vibration. Some natural remedies such as flower essences have such a powerful effect on raising our vibration that they are actually termed “Vibrational remedies”

The vibration of our physical body is influenced by:

  • The food we eat, what we drink (and how much), the distance fresh food has travelled before it reaches us and its method of storage

  • Exercise- what type and how much- 

  • Care of the body itself- love and appreciation


The health benefits of many foods are well known, though part of the reason may not be as well understood. All creation is energy and has a vibration. One of the reasons meat has such a low frequency is not because the creatures themselves vibrate at a lower frequency than we do (this is most definitely NOT the case!), but because the vibration of their meat is affected by the way the creature has lived, and most importantly, its experience of travelling to the abattoir and how it is killed. The fear experienced floods the tissues with adrenaline which remains in the meat, and this vibration influences those that consume it. Due to processing and transportation of meat, the life force is often gone by the time the meat is eaten and therefore not health-giving from a vibrational point of view.

I highly recommend checking out this link if you want to learn more about this -  It is an excellent read about the vibration of our food.

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