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Image by Studio Dekorasyon

Image courtesy of Studio Dekorasyon

Q: What is happening, right now?
A: The raising of the frequency of vibration of the entire planet and all her citizens. This is not an "exclusive club" -
anyone and everyone can be part of this if they choose.
A small minority will probably choose to remain in 3D, and that's ok. 

Q: Why is the world in such turmoil?
A: Because for the vibration to lift, lower vibrational energies need to be released. This is creating the turmoil and is temporary.

Q: What is the way I can help most effectively?
A: Every single one of us has two main ways we can help. One of these is the same for each of us and the other is our own unique contribution

Each one of us can accelerate this by choosing to:

  • keep lifting our own, personal vibration, a little more every day

  • be aware of our vibration as much as possible throughout each day and make choices that support it

And the second one? You, and ONLY you can choose to express your own strengths and gifts

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