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  • We are, (every one of us) creators - we create (manifest) our experiences all the time. Many of us have not realised this and blame others for what we have actually created ourselves! (this is unconscious creation)

  • While we are incarnate on Earth, there are actually two "parts" to each of us -

  • We are each spirit - a body of light which is our eternal self (does not "die") - incarnate in a physical body (our physicality and personality self, often referred to as the ego) 

  • Our ego is not a "baddie" that must be overcome. It is an aspect of ourselves that is essential for us to exist as physical beings. Ideally, it works with our spirit essence to form a COMPLETE being - the (fully realised) Human Being (Complete.)

  • For millennia this partnership has been skewed out of balance and the ego has played a dominating role that has caused immense struggle for the human race, the ripples of which are now giving the earth herself and all of nature a very hard time at the moment

  • Our spirit cannot (and would not) force itself upon the ego, so it has taken a back seat for most of us for countless generations, patiently waiting to be welcomed back

  • The magnificent, worldwide surge happening in the spiritual growth of people everywhere right NOW is a natural consequence of the developing understanding of this - we are allowing our natural state of love to start to be expressed.

  • This expression of love is our Higher Self becoming more and more closely aligned with our physical, personality self

  • As balance is restored, the ego and our Higher Self work as a seamless unit - a COMPLETE Human Being

  • The ego takes care of our physical needs and our higher self expresses our gifts in this world.

  • We express our gifts through conscious creation. As our Higher Self becomes more closely aligned with our personality self, our vibration lifts and our creations reflect this as they become more closely aligned with the unconditional love and compassion of our True Self - for the best benefit of ALL

How do we make this happen?

  • Our Higher Self aligns with the physical body like a foot slipping into a shoe - a perfect, comfortable "fit"

  • We consist of energy and our thoughts and feelings are energy that occupy our energy field

  • If we have thoughts or feelings with a low vibration (non-loving), resentments, blames, anger etc. in our field, they act like little stones in the shoe and the spirit cannot get into the shoe properly, or sit comfortably for very long

  • We release the "stones" and let them go! How ????

  • We change our thoughts to love.

  • We FORGIVE and love others and ourselves

  • We appreciate all we are and have and the world around us and feel thankful

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