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Thriving Relationships Program 

For thriving relationships - with yourself and everyone else

Thriving Relationships Program (TRP): 12 group teaching sessions over 13 weeks

This program guides and supports you to create thriving relationships throughout all aspects of your life. The focus is on compassionate connection through mindful communication and the expansion of awareness around why we each behave in the ways we do. This allows a natural compassion to develop as we first accept and then begin to practice personal responsibility for all our interactions with our own self and with others.

This program includes much of the material and many of the skills included in the Transformational Growth program.

When you follow the TRP you will relate better to yourself and others and experience more peace and positivity even if you wish to improve a particular relationship with a person who is not doing this program.


Image courtesy of Dulcey Lima

Program Content:

  • Vision and goal setting regarding relationships

  • How to create with intention

  • Beliefs and how they affect our relationships and experience of life

  • How to identify our beliefs and re-assess how supportive they are for us now

  • Ways to transform our non-supportive beliefs so that we are supporting ourselves and our relationships

  • Change, blame and their affects on our relationships with others and with ourself

  • Triggers, Mirroring and taking responsibility for our part in all our relationships

  • Acceptance - of self and others

No-one knows what it is like to be in another person's shoes, nor what they would have done if they had the background and beliefs of that person.

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