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Transformational Programs to change your life

Woman on a Deserted Road

Creating Change Program

- for those starting out

Four group teaching sessions:

  • Guiding you through the changes you can make according to your own soul's wisdom 

  • Practical, effective ways you can significantly raise your frequency of vibration

  • Step by step support as you put your learning on how to consciously create (manifest your reality) into practice

Program content

  • Establishing realistic goals for the inner qualities you would like to express and experience

  • Creating the vision of the person you are going to become

  • How to create with intention (also called Conscious Creation or manifestation)

  • Practical, effective ways to increase your vibration Akashi's way

  • Intentional Creation - making it happen!

Transformational Spiritual Growth Program

Build on the changes you have already made!

Nine group teaching and mentoring sessions:


Program Content

  • Beliefs and how they affect our experience of life

  • How to identify our beliefs and re-assess how supportive they are for us now

  • Ways to transform our non-supportive beliefs so that we are supporting ourselves

  • Change, blame and their effects on our relationships with others and with yourself

  • Triggers, Mirroring and taking responsibility for our life

  • Acceptance - of self and others

Image by Yuichi Kageyama

Image courtesy of Yuichi Kageyama

No-one knows what it is like to be in another person's shoes, nor what they would have done if they had the background and beliefs of that person.

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