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Your Healing and Inner Growth

Even looking at the sunlight shining through the leaves in this amazing photograph can assist your healing.

As you absorb this beautiful green light, which is gift from nature and the sun together, your Greater Self is merging a little more with that tiny fragment of your True Self that you had once thought was all you were.

We are so much more than flesh and blood.

We are far greater than this. 

The Ascension Process

Ascension means "going up" and may conjure up images of floating up - into the sky maybe, because as physical beings we tend to interpret everything according to how it relates to who we think we are in this physical world

And THAT'S the nub of it - as physical beings

We are, actually, only "honorary humans", courtesy of Mother Earth. We are Beings of Light  and Mother Earth has kindly (very kindly) loaned each one of us a physical body to allow us the experience of physicality. A tiny aspect of our Greater Light Body is what we call our auric field, and this is "clothed" in the physical form that we dress in the mornings and care for, sometimes thinking it to be all that we are.


Ascension is the lifting of the frequency of vibration of our auric field while within our physical bodies on this physical planet

That's what life in these times is all about! 

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