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Create Great Relationships

Relationships thrive with effective communication and can use conflict to become even stronger!

We all experience conflict - sometimes with others and sometimes we notice an inner conflict where something just feels uncomfortable,  as though a part of us is in a dispute with  another aspect of our self!

If there is conflict in your relationships, don't worry! Conflict is normal and healthy and presents the most amazing potential for growth.. We can learn to use amazing communication and conflict resolution skills to transform our relationships 

There is no need to let our relationships slide over time - instead, we can choose to take them to the next level  

Image by Angela Hobbs

Image courtesy of Angela Hobbs

Our natural tendency to make assumptions about another's meaning or motives based on how we would respond, often leads to hurt and misunderstandings that can build on each other and silently erode our important relationships over time.

Image by Jamie Haughton

Image courtesy of Jamie Haughton

Here at Soaring High, we promote strong relationships through practicing clear communication, avoiding assumptions and  understanding more of why we interact in the way we do. 

Respectful relationships are grounded in loving  and effective communication and the understanding that conflict is an essential part of all healthy relationships, providing opportunity to grow as individuals as well as together

At Soaring High -

  • Practice communication skills essential to avoid misunderstandings and breakdowns

  • Identify triggers and subconscious programming and release them with guidance and support

  • Take the opportunity through the relationship program to create a great life through creating great relationships

Understanding offers us control in our lives

Relationships are a big challenge - they are our biggest teacher in life. When we are upset with someone, a subconscious stress is triggered

These triggers can be released, meaning we no longer see them as the person we may have labeled or assumed them to be in our own mind

We can then feel peaceful and respond with clarity

Image by AGL Fotos

Image courtesy of AGL Fotos

From a higher perspective, 

how we relate to ourselves

and others is about: 

  • Learning and appreciating why we each behave in the way we do

  • Adopting a compassionate communication style

  • Using higher understanding to broaden our perspective

  • Accepting responsibility for ourselves and our own feelings and behaviour

  • NOT taking on responsibility for another person's feelings or behaviour

  • Identifying and releasing the core issue to facilitate true and permanent resolution and growth

Effective communication can transform a struggling relationship through achieving a greater understanding of each other and generating mutual respect

What does this mean?

It means that:

Important relationships that are struggling can sometimes become stronger again.

And it also means that:

If permanent breakdown does happen, the skills and greater awareness that is possible can make the separation as smooth as it can be for everyone concerned

Image by Dušan veverkolog

Image courtesy of Dusan Veverkolog

Replace compromise with solutions to achieve a win win result

There is no need for blame.

True resolution is not about:

  • being 'right' or being 'wrong'

  • being 'good' or 'bad'

  • being a 'victim' or a 'villain'

  • winning or losing

Truly effective solutions are about:

  • understanding relationship dynamics

  • moving forward

  • standing in our own power

  • taking responsibility 

We can cope better in a relationship if we

  • Understand why others behave in the way they do. 

  • Explore why we feel so upset

  • Discover what belief are we holding within our subconscious that was triggered by this person or their behaviour? 

  • We take responsibility for ourself

Image by Joanne Turner

Image courtesy of Joanne Turner

With new understanding ​

  • We release the belief that had been limiting and triggering us 

  • We create a new level of communication that respects each of our needs

  • We create a positive and respectful connection whether we choose to stay together or we choose to separate

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