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A 12 week program for thriving your Relationships for couples


Couples can choose to undertake this program together - this is the ideal way to achieve exciting results through greater understanding of each other and to strengthen your relationship for the long term, as well as the benefit for your own personal development and inner growth. Each member of the couple has 6 hours of individual support and 6 hours working together with Akashi. This allows the fee per person to be reduced as a total of 18 hours is shared. 

Thriving Relationships Program for Couples

  • Sessions are highly interactive - not simply me talking and you listening. You will be asked to do lots of honest self-reflection and most of the talking. I will create and maintain a loving, safe and confidential place to allow your growth to move at its own pace.

  • Ideally sessions would be weekly at the same time and on the same day.

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