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Thriving Relationships - with yourself and everyone else

Format: 12 individual teaching and mentoring sessions over 13 weeks. 

This is a complete personal growth program with the focus on compassionate connection through mindful communication and the expansion of awareness around why we each behave in the ways we do. This allows a natural compassion to develop as we first accept and then begin to practice personal responsibility for all our interactions with ourself and with others.

When you have completed this program you will relate better to yourself and others and experience more peace and positivity. In a situation where you wish to improve a particular relationship with a person who is not doing this program, the progress you will make will benefit that relationship as well as the benefit you experience from your inner growth.

Thriving Relationships Program

  • Ideally sessions would be weekly at the same time and on the same day.

  • Sessions are highly interactive - not simply me talking and you listening. You will be asked to do lots of honest self-reflection and most of the talking. I will create and maintain a loving, safe and confidential place to allow your growth to move at its own pace.

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