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This series of 6 individual "freeform" teaching/mentoring sessions creates the space and time for big breakthroughs to happen. These sessions are not structured, the focus  instead being "led-by-you". This style of teaching and mentoring is perfect to tailor what you need to learn according where you are in your life. Deeper issues that are holding you back may come forward to be released when you are ready. I  provide intuitive guidance to accelerate your healing journey and may assist you with specific challenges. The fee is for 6 sessions.

Series of 6 mentoring Sessions

  • Ideally sessions would be weekly at the same time and on the same day, or fortnightly if that works better for you.

  • Sessions are highly interactive - not simply me talking and you listening. You will be asked to do lots of honest self-reflection and most of the talking. I will create and maintain a loving, safe and confidential place to allow your growth to move at its own pace.

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