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What is my vibration?

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

Ever wondered what "my vibration" means. Or asked yourself "What is my vibration?"

Absolutely everything is continually vibrating, right down to the cells of our bodies and all the atoms and particles that make up our cells. But when we talk about "our vibration" we usually mean the vibration of the energy body within and around each of us (called the aura, or auric field).

Absolutely everything has a vibration. Our emotions, for example, vary in vibration and we can get a pretty good idea of the vibration of an emotion by how we feel when we experience it. Joy, love and happy laughter have high vibrations and we feel blissful, even ecstatic as a consequence. Anger, shame and apathy have extremely low vibrations.

It will come as no surprise, therefor, that the higher our vibration, the better we feel and the more we enjoy our life.

We each have what could be called an "average" vibration. The highs and lows of our day will see our vibration fluctuate up and down around this average, however, that average level of vibration can itself be changed. If a person becomes clinically depressed, their average level of vibration will be lowered. When we fall in love our average vibration has risen from our previous "ordinary" day to day life. Because our vibration has become so much higher than we were used to before, we see our same life differently - even people who may have seemed hard to tolerate become bearable when we are bursting with happiness.

"Good Vibrations" - remember the Beach Boys? Good vibes are HIGH vibes and we love them because we feel happier when our vibration is soaring. A good trick is to gradually and steadily lift our "average" so that we feel better and better as the norm.

One way to do this is to intentionally experience emotions with a high vibration. Perhaps the easiest (and very beautiful) way to achieve this is to consciously appreciate what we have. A Gratitude Journal can be a very powerful tool for greater happiness and spiritual growth, or simply taking time to consider what we have and focus with appreciation (think how life might be different without this thing perhaps) and allow genuine gratitude to develop. Saying thank you out loud or writing it down with a pen on paper increases the benefit.

With intention or effort, gratitude can become a habit - a state of being. As we appreciate and feel gratitude for what we have, we start to notice we have more than we had realised. I remember starting to feel frustrated caught up in traffic, then noticing wild flowers growing on the grass verge. My vibration reversed from rapidly sinking (frustration) to lifting higher and higher

to reflect the gratitude I experienced as I noticed the beauty around me.

I recently came across Thrive Global where this is explained beautifully. Check out this link if you are interested:

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