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One of the reasons why are we here

Once, outside of time, Unity wanted to expand its capacity to love - to make the love that it already is even greater. Yet, for the One Who Knows Everything, this was extremely tricky. After all, Unity knows All is Love, so while this state of being is (literally) awesome, it does not make it easy to expand that love and so become more!

So Unity came up with a rather crafty plan...

"It's easy to love when All Is Love, so how about learning to love even when I feel I am not loved?"


That would definitely create a big stretch. But how to feel anything less than pure love, when I know that only love is real?

The answer is, of course, that it's not possible to be unloved, however it is possible to imagine being unloved and have that experience by pretending it's real, (even though it can't actually be real because only love is real).

And so "The Great Pretending" was created.

It's pretty full-on trying to pretend the experience of feeling unloved when love is all you are and all you know, so to pull it off there was a need to forget the whole "I Am Love" thing entirely.

Many tiny fragments from many unique expressions of Unity volunteered for this severe learning experience (including you and me), - then cue the "Veil of Forgetfulness" with its catchy name and annoying ability to make each volunteer fragment forget that we are Unity interacting with ourselves and imagining the entire thing!

Well it all turned out pretty convincing, but I'm sure you don't need me to tell you that!

So here we are, and our Greater Soul supports us as much as it is able (whilst respecting our free choice) and LOVES us completely and totally without any judgement or reservation, from that greater perspective. It admires each one of us for choosing to experience this "forgetting All Is Love" and so coming to believe that fear is real, all so we can enrich the Greater Soul as we learn to choose love even when we do not feel we are loved.

Our Spirit Guides and Helpers, observing this illusion from their higher perspective, see our Earth lives for what they actually are -different expressions of Unity, trying to cope the best we can when we have forgotten our true inner essence, and are experiencing fear as real. The Greater Soul has nothing but love and compassion for every one of us.

When the final credits roll, just as we see after many adventure movies, one of the credits will read:

"No living beings were harmed by the imagining of this illusion."

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