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How are Babies Made? (And What is Healing and How Does it Work?)

Here follows a step by step description of how babies are made. It will then be easy to understand what spiritual healing is and how and why it works as well.

How are babies made?

Imagine a new-born baby. Let's not complicate things for now, but simply assume the baby is completely healthy and physically perfect and the parents are also well and happy to welcome their new child into their lives. When this child was conceived, a field of energy we can call a matrix acts as a template (or a pattern) where energies coalesce, creating the framework upon which the physical body of the baby develops. This energy field remains, and will continue as the "precursor" for the creation of the whole physical body throughout its entire life. As the energy field continues to expand and new cells are formed according to this expanded energy matrix, the physical body grows larger.

This energy body (aura) does not, therefor, radiate out from the physical body. It is obvious now that the physical body forms, grows, repairs and rejuvenates from the auric field! The physical body is the end result of the activity in the energy field. When the child has reached full size and matured into that of an adult, the importance of the energy matrix continues. We are continually replacing every cell in our body with new ones. (Indeed, if that process stops, physical death follows very shortly afterwards.)

Now comes the really exciting bit... The energy matrix can become damaged by blocks in the flow of energy through the field, and if the matrix becomes damaged or changed, then the new tissues created as the cells of the body are replaced as a part of normal body maintenance are formed from the damaged matrix and so they are changed too. Deterioration in the body - bits "missing" or "extra" tissue forming, all reflect the (now) damaged energy matrix that created them.

What interferes or completely blocks this energy flow and damages this matrix? Living in a way that does not allow the life energy to flow. Emotions, for example, are intended to tell us about ourselves, be experienced and then released. Yet it is common in our society to bury emotions rather than express them. Deeply buried anger and resentments are common causes of damage to the energy field.

Spiritual healing can help to release the blocks to the free flow of energy and "repair" the energy matrix. This means that, because the damage is evident in the aura before a person becomes aware of any physical symptoms , a developing physical disease can sometimes be avoided. Where disease has already happened, the repair of the energy matrix can allow the body to return to normal as the new cells are created on the repaired matrix.

Where a physical disease has been removed or managed by medication of surgery, if the choices the person previously made that created the disease in the first place are continuing the same (eg. holding in deep resentments) then the matrix will still be damaged and that disease (or a similar one) will be created once again, presenting as a recurrence of the disease.

There is no need to reject mainstream "Western" medicine to benefit from other healing modalities. Spiritual healing has no harmful side-effects and always works with any other health care happening at the time.

And self-healing not only helps, but is something we can each do for ourselves. Whenever we make a choice that supports our inner growth, little by little we change for the better - we feel more in control of ourself and our life, happier and more relaxed. We may also become physically healthier as the energy of our emotions flows smoothly and we release some of the energy blocks we have created as we let go of our resentments through deeper inner work. And the benefits are not limited to how we feel. Everything improves for us!

So know that you can take charge of your own life, well-being and health through the choices you are making day in and day out.

The new-born baby we imagined at the beginning has a perfect energy field. Life happens - its energy field will be changed by the way it perceives its experiences. If any blocks are created, let it please know that any choice that created a block can be changed to allow the block to be released. Thanks for reading this.

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