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What is your Life's Purpose?

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

I discovered MY Life's Purpose and my answer can help you to discover your own!

For years I pursued various avenues trying to discover what my life's purpose might be and came up with, at best, vague words of wisdom such as "You are here to help people" and "You are here to help with the ascension process happening now."

But HOW? I had wanted someone to give me point by point instructions on what course I should study or which qualification I should get. Where should I be based? What am I meant to BE?

I needed someone to tell me the details so I would know exactly what to do. If I had been told, for example, "be a Herbalist", I would get my qualification, set up my practice, and serve in my role as a herbalist, probably for the rest of my life, comfortable that I was fulfilling my purpose. That would lead me (I hoped) seamlessly to becoming my True Self as I went about my work. Then, when the time came and I passed over at the end of the incarnation, there would be a lot of smiles and back-slapping as I stood at the Pearly Gates, for sure!

Or not...

I had been "putting the cart before the horse" as my grandmother would have said. Instead, I turned it around and in doing so I realised not only what I was here to accomplish, but that we all have this same overall Life Purpose, alongside which we express our uniqueness by each having a different way of going about it.

So, what is this overall Life's Purpose that is the same for each of us?

It is to open our Heart, embody our Greater Soul, become Who We truly Are, remember our Essence - here are just a few ways of describing it.

And so, as we each go about our lives, all the while taking step after step to fulfil our Life's Purpose, our heart is opening and filling with more and more Light and Love. We are becoming our Higher Self. Our greater Soul is becoming more and more present within our "heart space". Moment by moment, the wisdom and gifts of our Greater Soul are becoming more freely and joyfully expressed through us into the world in service. Those wisdom and gifts have become clearly evident to us now. We are fulfilling our Life's Purpose, each in our own, unique way

The wisdom we discover we have and the gifts that emerge as our spiritual growth progresses, become our "how". Using these to help and bring joy to others is the way our Life's Purpose then becomes unique to each of us.

How do we open our hearts in this way? We raise our vibration and let go of the dross we have collected over many, many lifetimes. As our vibration gets higher it becomes easier and easier for more of our Greater Soul to settle within us because our vibrations become more similar. Releasing our dross, particularly from around our heart, clears away obstacles in our light-body to allow our Greater Soul to be there more easily.

"Releasing our dross" - coming soon

"Raising our vibration" - coming sooner

With much love, Akashi

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