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Enlightenment - Remembering

A short story of enlightenment -

There is a young child, loved by everyone. They are blessed with a loving family.

One day, this child is out walking and hears a cry of distress. Another child has fallen from the path and slipped down a steep slope. Without hesitation, our hero decides to help, slips, and is knocked unconscious with a bang to the head.

Our brave hero wakes up in a specialist hospital for head injuries, with other children who have suffered a similar experience and it quickly becomes apparent that the blow has caused complete memory loss. Our hero makes new friends, but can't shake off this feeling of not really "belonging" anywhere and of being unloved.

Visitors come every day, trying to help and over time their love gradually starts to penetrate the angry, sad shell that has developed to help mask the hopelessness that is almost overwhelming.

Then one day, a cure is discovered! Every morning the child takes a pill.

Gradually, gently and with mounting excitement, the memory of Belonging and of a loving family becomes clearer.

The magic pill has the letters LTV written across it.

Lifting The Veils

You and I are each the hero of this story! We have family, helpers and guides "in spirit" that love us unconditionally. Their experience is that "ALL is LOVE" and they can see the "bigger picture" knowing themselves as beings of Light, perfect and whole in every way, they know that we each are perfect and whole as well! They know that each of us is a tiny fragment of who they are, and they admire and respect us for choosing to take the extremely brave step of incarnating on Mother Earth.

It is brave because earthly incarnation always involves passing "through the veils" and "forgetting" our true self and real family. All of us here chose the Earth experience because it is difficult to grow and learn how to increase our love when we are in spirit and all we experience is love. By choosing to forget this, we experience polarity (opposites) and through this we can learn, for example, to help or love "another" even though it does not seem to us that we are loved by them in return! This is Greater Love, and we are learning this, right here and now!

We take this learning back when our physical body dies, and so enrich our Greater Soul. So our Greater Soul does not judge any of the "bad" we may think we have done because they know we are perfect and whole beings of light that coped as best as we could in order to learn. And, well, would the parents and friends of the hero in our story have judged the child they love so much because that child had lost its memory of life "before" through performing an act of love for another?

And anyway, spirit know that none of this "is real"! Because only love is real, this world experience has to be an illusion (a dream). It can't be real because there is only love, so our immense consciousness "imagines" our earth incarnations (pretends) purely to learn.

2022! There is now a mass awakening. We have learnt what we came here to learn and we are gradually (quite quickly, actually) remembering ourselves as the beings of Light that we truly are! As we place our focus on our hearts more and more, our Greater Soul is able to dwell in our hearts more and more. We can each learn, through practice, to live and interact from this place and so create "heaven on Earth".

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