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Love, Gratitude and Appreciation

 - that genuine, heartfelt inner experience of true thankfulness and its expression as love freely given is the most wonderful, enjoyable and effective way we can each raise our frequency of vibration

As a people, we could do more to consciously appreciate our life and all that we have. It's SO GOOD to focus on what we have and the beauty around us, and to share love with a smile!

Those pictures below that have not been taken by me have been offered freely by photographers around the world. I have acknowledged their generosity by inserting a link to the photographer to enable you to appreciate more of their work if you wish.

I am continually adding to this page, so more pictures will appear from time to time.

Living from the Heart

Whenever you choose:

  • Focus on the centre of your chest - it may help you to place one or both hands there. This is your "heart space"

  • Gently smile into this place and "breathe" into it for a few breaths

  • Focus now onto a person/picture/tree or whatever you like, and continue to "breathe" into your heart space

  • Allow the feelings to radiate from your heart to the point of your focus and all around you


Image courtesy of Azmaan Baluch


Image courtesy of Igor Rodrigues


Image courtesy of Ignacio Brosa


Image courtesy of Andrew S

Image courtesy of Yuichi Kageyama


Image courtesy of Aaron Burden

Image courtesy of Jacek Dylag

Image courtesy of Tobias Rademacher


Image courtesy of Saffu


Image courtesy of Dillon Kydd

My appreciation also to those I  have connected with who have expressed their gratitude to me:

Image courtesy of Jill Sauve

Thank you so much. I've been going through my spiritual awakening at the moment and I've found [you] really helpful: 111angel


I love your spirit and glow. Love your words: Julie Ann

So wise! Thank you: Paula J

You are amazing!!! So wise and grounded: Denise L

This is the best explanation of a trigger I've ever heard! Thank you SO much for sharing your wisdom with us: Lady

I'm so happy I found you! You are amazing! And that is what I want to surround myself with...Thank you! One H

Thank you. Very helpful: Nia

Really appreciate [your material], thank you! Kala M

Really insightful, thank you for the wisdom :) B.L

This is high level stuff, applied to practical, everyday living. Keep going! I appreciate you: Sunshine 

I am happy to have come across you [your material] and resources. Thank you! Tam

I can't help but to love you. You have such a beautiful soul. J. Fore

Your amazingly calming....thank you xx: Rebecca G

Thank you for inspiring me: WOW. This is everthing. Just found your [TikTok] channel-love you and love your energy! So helpful. Thank you sweet soul: Fae

Thank you! I know though that your wisdom and awareness are what I aspire to: Joan W

Ello mate! You just popped up ... & I now feel touched by an angel. Thank you & many blessings to you: Ruki D

Beautiful sunny smile: Geordie J

Love your videos and your contentment in educating us x. Thank you: Rhiannon

Right from the start of our 'connect' call, I got a sense of warmth and authenticity from Akashi. We covered a LOT of ground, I shared parts of my journey and Akashi was able to add layers of understanding and insight to my experience. Throughout the conversation I felt safe and seen: Dale M​

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