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Inner Growth 
Image by Faye Cornish

Image courtesy of Faye Cornish

What is meant by inner growth?

Not growth in the normally accepted meaning of the word, but more the “revealing”, or “becoming more evident” of our Inner Essence. It is already here, perfect and complete, simply hidden by the “stuff” we have collected.


I invite you to let go of your "stuff"


Every fragment we release creates a chink in the armour we have developed as a barrier to try to protect ourselves from hurt.


Each time we breach our own barrier with love, a little more of our Greater Soul can reside within our Sacred Heart and  more of our inner light emerges. 

EVERYWHERE,  "barriers" are coming down.

As our light shines more brightly, our intuition is heightened and we develop greater discernment. Our Greater Soul becomes more easily able to express our "eternal" wisdom and gifts into our everyday lives and we fulfil our Soul's purpose. This is true transformation and the shedding of the “heavier energies” that have been holding us down allows our spirits to soar!

As we transform and grow, our relationship with nature matures and we see the beauty of our world with awe and wonder. Nature is our reflection, showing us - everywhere - who we really are.

Nature helps us to become grounded

and to remain grounded.

 There are aspects of the natural world that appear savage and cruel because nature is a the reflection of how we, the human race, can sometimes seem to be...

Image by Aaron Burden

Image courtesy of Aaron Burden

And yet - the incredible, jaw-dropping beauty of nature, that takes our breath away -

that beauty is the Spark of Life Force that is a part of

 every single person without exception

Are you Excited?

Image by Eric Stevens

Image courtesy of Eric Stevens

Over the next decade especially, many, many people will be choosing to lift their energy and enjoy the inner freedom and peace of mind these changes bring.


When we raise our energy we actually feel lighter (this is the sensation of inner peace).


Choosing personal freedom is, metaphorically, the spreading of our wings  and really does give the experience of

Soaring High 

The transformational programs available here all have personal and spiritual development as the mainstay for facilitating inner change. Outer change follows inner growth, because that is how we (and the universe) works.

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