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Lift your 'vibe' to feel good and love life

Image by Blake Weyland

When our vibration lifts we feel wonderful and everything is going our way. Things that might normally annoy us no longer bother us and any aches or pains we have become less noticeable. We feel good and love life.

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How to care for your energy body

Aura photo_edited.jpg

Image courtesy of  Akashi

[Image to represent the aura - Kirlian photo 7 Aug 2015]

There is a general misunderstanding in our society that we ARE our physical body and yet we are really beings of light and our physical body is the only part of ourselves that we can see with our physical eyes! To feel the beautiful, radiant being that you truly are, care for your body of light daily and feel your energy start to increase. Read more here...

Choosing the best outcome

Person looking out to sea next to a sign warning of sharks

Image courtesy of Lubo Minar

A simple, practical guide to easily achieving the best outcome from the disappointments and stresses that come up throughout your day. Read more here...

Manifest the life you choose

Image by Szilvia Basso

Image courtesy of Szilvia Basso

Manifestation is a bit of a buzz word at the moment. It seems that almost everywhere nowadays there are books and courses on how to manifest. Yet we are all experts at  creation (manifestation) already! What we need to realise is how we are doing it so that instead of creating aspects in our life that we don't like, we intentionally create the life we want. Read more here...

Choosing the outcome
Care for your energy body
Road map
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